Simon Girty: Crossing Over

Simon Girty deserted the Rebel cause in the American Revolution and is often referred to as the “White Savage” since he spent his formative years among the Seneca tribe. The story follows the major events in his intriguing life until he settled in Canada, including: his childhood in eastern Pennsylvania; his family’s move west; the attack on his family and capture by Indians; his return to American society; his defection to the British and Indian side; major campaigns led against the Americans; his marriage to a white woman, Catharine Malott, who had also been a captive; and his permanent settlement in Canada after the fall of British-held Fort Detroit to the Americans. The producer is Girty’s five-times great-granddaughter. Trailer (6:26)

Simon Girty: Crossing Over from Anne Marie Goodfellow on Vimeo.

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